Ms. Z gets a new home

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Real Estate

As I enter my 19th year in real estate I marvel at my journey and I'm grateful for all of the people I have been able to help to buy and sell real estate.

A couple of days I witnessed my client receive the keys to her brand-new home three hours before her interest rate expired and almost 2 years after her new construction contract was ratified. In all my years serving as a Realtor in the Maryland, DC Metro area, the longest I have seen a client wait for a new build was 1 year but I'm assuming the Covid-19 environment, delays with getting materials, and lack of workmanship could have played a part in the long period between contract and closing. The increase in her interest rate would have meant her paying extra in monthly payments she can now use for something else. I thought about how much time had passed since we started the process and was grateful she was finally getting the home of her dreams. We give thanks to God for answering our prayers because when progress on the construction app was not moving we didn't think it was possible. We also truly appreciate her construction manager and his team for moving heaven and earth to meet her rate lock deadline. We had to follow up constantly, challenge, and sometimes threaten. 

I am happy I was able to guide her throughout the process and be a part of her testimony. Congrats Mrs. Z! I wish you all the best in your new home.